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Grieving a relationship break-up or the death of a loved one? Are you navigating illness or career changes?

The RESILIENCE JOURNEY is Araminta's key transformational online offering. Through 40 in-depth videos, meditations, guided tools and community support, this course will help you turn loss, uncertainty and pain into strength, clarity and courage for your future. 


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Boost your shamanic skills and  access the wisdom from your dreamtime:

* Rarely remember your dreams? This course will have you recalling several every morning in sparkling detail. 

*What would you do inside the dream scape? Fly? Talk to dead loved ones? Visit foreign lands? You can  live out your fantasies and enjoy wild adventures inside your dreams all while staying conscious.

* Do you wrestle with fears, and phobias? This course teaches  how to work with nightmares and face your demons to get unstuck and grow in self-mastery.

* Learn Tibetan Spiritual Dream Practices and uplevel your experience of your multi-dimensionality.

* Step into Lucid Living! Bring it all home to this “real life”. Navigate this waking dream with more joy and boundless creativity.


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Free yourself of scarcity fears and step into an empowered relationship to finances.

Learn how to:

* Unpack and shift your cultural and family belief systems and money imprints.

*Become a good custodian of wealth

* Step free of emotional sabotaging patterns

* Identify and heal survival programming

* Anchor in new relationships to circulating and saving money and wealth

* Learn shamanic manifestation principles.

* Align your wealth with your soul integrity.

In this in-depthĀ training, Araminta guides you to apply transformational shamanic tools so you can relate to money free from fear, connected to your power, aligned with gratitude and abundance.

What ISTA trainings do for you relationship to your body, sexuality, creativity and relationships, this training will do for your relationship to money and finances.

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Araminta's 6-month mastermind mentorship program for women. Launching soon.  This journey into the Feminine Sexual Initiations is by application only. If you wish to be notified of launch please register.

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