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Tune in to Araminta's interview on the Commitment Phobe Podcast speaking about why it's powerful to give up the idea of finding the "one" and how romantic love/eros is a way to help one come into sacred union with oneself, rather than with another. "You are your own princess/prince."

We also talk about:
-The importance of being curious about the sacred messages behind our emotions.
-How to work through codependency and caretaking in relationship.
-Reframing the relationship with rage.
-Feeling what is right and wrong in every moment within us and standing up for that.
-What does it mean to listen to your body vs your head?
-How sexual desire/erotic energy is a way our body gets our attention to lead us towards a certain direction.
-How pleasure can heal us.
-The roles that projection and mirroring have when we fall in love.



Take a dance of inquiry into romantic love. What meaning does your romantic relating provide in your life? What are our cultural beliefs, assumptions, and desires on what relationships should be like, feel like and bring us? Are you aware of the gifts and potential shadows of monogamy, open relating and celibacy? Does being "in love" activate the expansion of consciousness? Join ISTA Lead, Araminta, for a journey of self-inquiry into the psychology of romantic love and soul evolution.




Filmed on June 2-3, 2018 at The Purpose Summit in Berlin. Araminta discusses Empowering your purpose through Embodied Spirituality.

What To Do When The Honeymoon Phase Ends

What happens when the "love potion" runs out? I jumped on the new ISTA Spiritual Sexual Shamanic podcast to discuss:

  • How to navigate when things get hard
  • Knowing if you should break up or hunker down
  • Understanding golden shadows in relationships
  • Why expectations and projections make relationships a minefield and how to go beyond them
  • How to know if you are addicted to the high of falling in love
  • Relationship as an opportunity to explore God and Goddess within yourself
  • How to navigate the intensity of break-up emotions
  • Grief as a precious messenger
  • Recognising where you seek outside yourself for sustenance  (it will never be fulfilled there!)



Araminta jumped on the podcast, Conversations About Men, with Gonzalos Salinas to discuss these challenging times on the planet, the link between our sexuality and our sovereignty, our creativity and our health.

Araminta shares about her background in academia, activism, and non-profit reproductive health organizations and how that led her to explore our human technology and why she know focuses on collaborating with ISTA and sexual shamanism.

Why Take ISTA?

Short video describing some of the benefits of a Spiritual Sexual Shamanic ISTA retreat - with the International School of Temple Arts.




Laurie Handlers, host of the Sex and Happiness Podcast, interviews Araminta to discuss the importance of conscious relationship endings.

Most of us have unhealed trauma from painful past break-ups that we never re-examined and is STILL impacting our ability to live lovingly now.

So, what can we do about it?

Blockchain Unlimited

Araminta interviews David Casey on the multiple uses of Blockchain technology as part of the Online ISTA Festival 2020. While many people are learning about cryptocurrency and the rise of Bitcoin, the underlying technology of Blockchain contains unlimited potential to revolutionize numerous areas of society beyond finance.

David Casey is a Cultural Programmer and Social Architect. He is the co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer of NuMundo, a platform that connects people and impact centers (land-based projects for regenerative living), encouraging resource sharing on the web and on the ground to catalyze planetary regeneration and individual transformation.

 David successfully bridges the worlds of technology startups, permaculture, international development, and retreat and festival production. Find out more about David Casey's work  HERE

Shadows in the Sisterhood - Raw Attraction Magazine

Shining a spotlight on the immature feminine in both women and men, this article published in Raw Attraction Magazine, explores the love-draining behaviours of the feminine dark arts – that stem from survival strategies to protect feeling our heart wounds.

Underneath all our masks and armour, resides an incredible yearning for authentic intimacy. By compassionate understanding of ourselves we open up doorways to healing from the past, nurture vulnerable expression in ourselves and others and enable the healthy sisterhood to emerge.


Delighted to share some of my findings on the Blood Mysteries with the amazing Laurie Handlers. We cover why menstrual blood has been so shrouded in taboo, what cultures have done in the past and how education about this part of the life cycle is transforming.

“Eye-opening, this show is packed with rich and exquisite information about how to reframe monthly blood for both women and men.”

Sex and Happiness Podcast
The Blood Mysteries

The Role of Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit in Relationship to Purpose

A panel inquiry during the Berlin 2018 Global Purpose Summit With Joerg Jungwirth, Raffaello Manacorda, Araminta Barbour, Lance Hauge, Stefana Bosse, & Andrea Dennis. Jump to minute 13 to dive into this conversation

Frank Conversations 19: Araminta Barbour

Filmed at The Sanctuary Guatemala for Frank Mondeose’s popular Vlog – The Spiritual Playboy – Frank interviews Araminta about her background, what bought her to The Sanctuary in Guatemala, and what drives her in the realm of sisterhood and sexual healing. 

How To Use Sacred Sexuality As Activism with Araminta Barbour

Interview with University of Love and Sexuality & The Evolving Lover Podcast with Araminta Barbour on the links between emotional maturity, activism and sacred sexuality. 



Supporting women to own their own inner masculine erotic energetic signatures, maturing them and stepping out of suppressing and judging their brothers.

Peace between the sheets or the genders wont come about by controlling and manipulating the other to fit into our ideals. Addressing the undercurrent of disdain many women have been taught to feel towards male sexuality reconciles once it is owned within.

Skip to minute 24 for the core of this interview.  Art work by the amazing

Sex and Happiness Podcast
The Blood Mysteries

Re-Aligning the Masculine and Feminine Energies - Pt. 1

Frank Mondeose (The Spiritual Playboy) and Araminta Barbour discuss, in the first of a two-part video how to re-align the masculine and feminine energies, and working within modern social paradigms.

Re-Aligning the Masculine and Feminine Energies - Pt. 2

Frank Mondeose (The Spiritual Playboy) and Araminta Barbour discuss, in the second of a two-part video how to re-align the masculine and feminine energies, and working within modern social paradigms.

The Women Who See In The Dark Retreats

Double You Interview - by Narkis Elon


The Experience we dropped in with Komala Lyra and Araminta Barbour, creators of the Women Who See in the Dark Retreats, to find out more about their unique offerings...


Araminta Barbour and Raquel Coelho discuss the gifts that are hidden in anxiety and other uncomfortable moments!

ISTA Panel: A New Paradigm for Sexual Health and Well Being

This is The ISTA Speakers Group Panel talk, May, 2015 in Montreal, Canada. Speakers include: Frank Mondeose, The Spiritual Playboy Baba Dez Nichols ISTA and Conference Founder Laurie Handlers Tantric Master and Intimacy Coach Crystal Dawn Morris Sedona, Arizona Kamala Devi San Diego, California Araminta Barbour Lake Atitlan, Guatemala