About Araminta

International speaker, transformational facilitator and 1-1 guide, Araminta specializes in relationships and sexuality, empowerment and sovereignty,  integrative healing, soul initiation, and the esoteric mysteries.

Lead Faculty with ISTA (the International School of Temple Arts) with whom she has collaborated since 2011, Araminta is the founder of The Sanctuary Guatemala, creator of The Resilience Journey, and co-creator of the Women Who See In The Dark project.




Weaving together an academic background in History, Ecology, and Theravada Buddhism (BA Hons & MA), over a decade spent in the international development NGO world (reproductive health focus) with 25+ years traveling, studying, and practicing a wide range of alternative healing modalities, and philosophical/ esoteric traditions, Araminta's work can be encapsulated in the phrase "spiritual sexual shamanism" - an attempt to address the fullness of our human gifts and capacities.

After living and working in the UK, USA, Indonesia, India and Guatemala, Araminta's heart settled in Guatemala's Lake Atitlan in 2007 - her home base for continued event facilitation in over 30 countries around the world.




"My life's path has been shaped most deeply from the sudden death of a partner when I was 19 and the deep grief, travel, and questioning of collective beliefs that his loss led me to.

I now support people to transform painful experiences into power, heal from parental and relationship wounding, step-free from sexual or emotional abuse, and navigate the psychological hurdles to self-acceptance, self-belief, and self-love. My deeper focus is awakening to expansive levels of Self untangled from collective consciousness."


Araminta utilizes skills from Meditation, Non-dual Spirituality, Shamanism, Sacred Sexuality, Tantra, Breathwork, Yoga, Bodywork, Shadow Integration, Evolutionary Astrology, Emotional Release, and Initiatory rituals. Her teachings aim to bring together the tools and maps that reactivate our full human capacities. Araminta’s core passion is the process of radical self-acceptance – the inner marriage of love with power. She is here to support humanity’s evolution as liberated, heart-centered creators. 

ISTA Attendee

Full wise woman archetype! Nurturing, safe and embodied in your wisdom. You created a super safe space with your presence.

ISTA Attendee

Such a powerful presence with humour and grace. Love the way she shares teachings and holds such an unconditionally loving awareness for the space and each person. A true lightness that reminds us that nothing is too serious for a smile. 

ISTA Attendee

Whip smart. Articulate. Clearly this woman has lived a dynamic life and I was grateful for her wisdom





ISTA Attendee

I have attended countless workshops and personal development retreats. And what you did here, and the space you held exceeded all expectations. You are a brilliantly, skilled teacher, leader and healer. 

ISTA Attendee

AMAZING!!! Everything she said was so consistently on point. My ears grew every time she spoke because she has such a way of meeting the moments with such fierce, gentle, grace. I'm definitely drawn to her style of facilitation and it was an honor to be in her presence, and to experience ISTA with her guidance.

ISTA Attendee

Araminta's leadership was impeccable - warm, personable, supple. I appreciated the stories and the wisdom. She held a beautiful container for the experiences. Always bright-eyed and engaged with a depth and breadth of wisdom resulting from her years of experience in the field. 10/10


Reach out with your questions and find out how we can collaborate. I offer 1-1 mentorship and coaching, a variety of online programs and residential transformational retreats. 

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Women Who See In The Dark Attendee

Araminta is a fierce and loving goddess. She creates a safe space for those to dive deep into their expression. I am honored to have witnessed her in action and feel extremely grateful to have had her as a guide and mirror.

Women Who See In The Dark Attendee

This was the most perfectly organized retreat in my life. It made me feel safe and secure. I loved that if something was said, I could trust it will happen.