What to Do When the Honeymoon Ends

breakups emotions love podcast relationships Feb 14, 2021

Falling in love can bring up intense emotions and ecstatic experiences. With tsunamis of neurochemicals and exhilirating heart-openings, we can meet our own soul, taste unconditional love, and experience wholeness in new ways. It's big stuff for our spiritual evolution.

But what happens when the "love potion" runs out? I jumped on the amazing ISTA Spiritual Sexual Shamanic podcast to discuss how modern society throws in the towel so easily in relationship and we risk becoming branch jumpers. 

Hear my personal relationship stories and...

  • How to navigate when things get hard
  • Knowing if you should break up or hunker down
  • Understanding golden shadows in relationships
  • Why expectations and projections make relationships a minefield and how to go beyond them
  • How to know if you are addicted to the high of falling in love
  • Relationship as an opportunity to explore God and Goddess within yourself
  • How to navigate the intensity of break-up emotions
  • Grief as a precious messenger
  • Recognising where you seek outside yourself for sustenance  (it will never be fulfilled there!)


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