What Happens When We Fall in Love?

emotions love podcast May 26, 2022

In April, 2022 I dropped in with recent ISTA Guatemala graduate, Tanai Milgram, to share on The Commitment Phobe Podcast

We talk about:

  • Why I believe it's powerful to give up the idea of finding "the one".
  • How romantic love and eros is a way to help one come into sacred union with oneself, rather than with another.
  • The importance of being curious about the sacred messages behind our emotions.
  • How to work through codependency and caretaking in relationship.
  • Reframing your relationship to rage.
  • Feeling what is right and wrong in every moment within us and standing up for that.
  • What does it mean to listen to your body vs your head?
  • How sexual desire/erotic energy is a way our body gets our attention to lead us towards a certain direction.
  • How pleasure can heal us.
  • The roles that projection and mirroring have when we fall in love.

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