“There is nothing to fix, but much to love.”

emotions shadow work transformation Oct 15, 2020

Title quote by D. Martini

This is not a wishful thinking “love and light” post. I’m not blind to the challenges of the outer world, or free from experiences of painful emotions and mental thought-forms. For me, these words signal a navigation key to shift out of a state of contraction.

My resistance, blaming, judging, controlling and righteous claim to KNOW something is inherently fucked up, that something should not be happening, that the universe is faulty, that things are definitely going awry this time – relaxes. My inner dictator is humbled. 
The labelling of my mind into good and bad, right and wrong is paused – and in that gap, my curiosity returns.

My inner child awakens to witness the magic of how life’s mystery will unknot this seeming polarisation to reveal the unified love underneath all things.

I have been blessed to witness over and over and over this past year, that from such a space beauty unfolds.

May this be a year of living lovingly, both compassionately and ruthlessly – penetrating through the illusionary divisions and separations we tend to fall into. May our shadows keep coming to light and be integrated. May the spaces of love that genuinely support such transformation keep growing..

Photo credit @danielchristopherfox

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