The Hidden Gold in Relationship Endings

breakups emotions love relationships Feb 27, 2022

I repeatedly see people deeply wanting a powerful partnership that are blocked because they haven’t really done the healing work from their past.

Break-ups are tough & we unknowingly prolong our heartache. Most of us never got the knowledge, tools, or wise support to genuinely rebuild trust – in ourselves and in relating.

Instead, we hope time will be the cure. ?We get busy distracting ourselves and place our faith in the fairytale fantasy that one day we will meet the right person. The unprocessed emotions, pain, and fears turn into armour around our hearts. The numbness eventually becomes normal yet we wonder why we can’t find a connection of deep intimacy.

It’s tragic how normal its become for people to torture themselves during a break-up, struggling to let go and move on. Social media makes it easy to obsess about what your ex may be up to.

It’s common to lose motivation for self-care and turn to toxic habits to drown out painful emotions such as shame and regret. The loneliness can be crippling. It can be impossible to sleep. Our emotions exhaust us. We have a few good days but then crumble back into depression. 

Unaware of your own protective mechanisms keeping you from real intimacy?

Many distract themselves by rebounding into a new connection too soon, not understanding the risk of recreating the exact same painful relationship dynamic. Others spend years festering in anger and resentment towards their ex unable to focus on the present.

But, break-ups do not have to be like this. Relationship endings can be a time in our life where we have the greatest potential for immense growth! 

Our whole culture lacks wisdom around endings. Death is the great taboo. Transformational coaching is specifically focused on supporting others during these times. With support, it’s easier to find the courage to face times of uncertainty in our life.

Relationship ending is actually an amazingly rich time for deep gifts of wisdom, empowerment, and spiritual maturity. Our darkest chapters hold buried treasure for those courageous to dig. It’s my passion to be a guide in such intensity. 

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