The End

ista transformation Feb 27, 2022

The inevitable end – the inherent impermanence of all perceived forms – is the great big blind spot of our Western collective consciousness. One we are so amazingly good at totally ignoring in our day-to-day lives.
Pushing all those uncomfortable truths out of sight and out of mind takes huge amounts of our life force energy. 
Which is why esoteric teachings of integration continually point a finger encouraging us to turn towards this greatest of denials, home of our deepest fears – and stare directly into the eyes of the grim reaper.

ISTA Level 2, INITIATION, is for those willing to experience death before physically dying, SO that they are more able to live. For those who cannot live without the fullness of their soul power & understand that all false identities must go.
This is SELF-INITIATION into the endless mystery of life-death- rebirth. A chance to face and clear the fear of death held in the root chakra. The immense opportunity to reclaim the power that awaits those courageous enough to make such a journey- so that you can show up fully in your body at this time on the planet and LIVE.
To truly “know” in every cell – that life and death are one.

Find out more about the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) Level 2 retreat here –

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