Shamanic Planning

shamanic transformation Dec 23, 2021

Taking responsibility for your life requires owning your creative power.

Believing that it is possible to direct your life is a massive step out of victimhood and sets the stage for development of your manifestation capacities.  

Whether the new chapter you are beginning is a new year, new job, new relationship or a new day, taking a moment to reflect on where you have been, and deeply enquiring into what you truly desire to experience orients and grounds you in meaningful ways.  

Many people advise creating goals, plans, and strategies to successfully keep us on track. Read on to learn how you can plan effectively in a way that is fun, revealing and juicy! Bring in both your masculine gifts of attention, structure, and precision with the feminine aspect of emotional aliveness for a deeply powerful practical prayer. 

Planning doesn’t have to be boring – in fact shamanic planning should feel ENERGISING.

If what you say you desire doesn’t turn you on – that is a great clue that it may not be your real truth but coming from a “should” imposed from outside of you. Or you aren’t dreaming BIG enough.

Having trouble getting in touch with what you want?  Have a look at the Envisioning Video below.

Asking yourself what you want is a powerful practice to meet yourself afresh. Desires can change – especially if we were following desires that were actually based on fears (such as desires based on getting the approval of others.) As we move into more self-love and authenticity, we can find our real core desires may be very different.


Shamanic Planning

6 Steps for Success


Creating Goals with SOUL & ALIVENESS 

There are many ways to slice the pie of your life into categories. For simplicity, I have decided on 5 but you may wish to choose differently.

Give yourself at least 30 minutes for each category.  Set yourself up for success by quieting your space so you won't be disturbed.

Grab a fresh piece(s) of paper and your favourite pen and get comfortable. 



Choose the category that excites you the most and set a timer for 3-5 minutes to list down all the things in your life connected to this topic that you feel grateful for (big or small). Don’t overthink it, just write. These could be physical resources, past experiences, opportunities, allies in your life, helpful thoughts & beliefs etc. When you feel complete, take a few deep breaths, as if you are breathing in all the abundance, you have identified already exists in your life. Consciously let your heart feel grateful and imagine/feel this energy flowing through your body lighting up every cell.  




Gratitude activates the heart chakra and puts your energy body into a state of abundance, giving you juice to create and dream at a larger scale. 
Many of us need to free ourselves from shame around desire. Did someone tell you it was selfish, impossible or immature to want certain things? Learning to deeply listen to yourself and honour all your desires as sacred is a healing act.


For at least 5 minutes, let yourself write down every desire you want to experience in this new chapter. Desire is the most creative force in the universe and at the root of evolutionary impulse. What are your latent, secret, neglected or avoided desires? Get them out onto the paper! Owning your desires reveals.



For at least 2 minutes, write down how you want to feel. Behind every desire is a feeling and feelings are MAGNETIC POWER. They generate electromagnetic fields around the body. They change your vibration. They set into motion attractive forces to support your desire to come into reality. Ultimately, you want what you want because you believe it will make you feel good – but what specific type of good? Sexy? Balanced? Loved? Powerful? Safe? Inquire and write 2/3 words for each desire you unearthed in step 2.



For another 2 minutes, tune into how you want others to feel. Who are the people in your life that will be impacted by this desire manifesting in your life? We care how others feel and this exercise attunes us to a positive perception of the interconnected web of our life.



Future state out loud as if it were already the end of the time period in which you want to create these desires, that it has happened. You may want to start with “I am really proud of myself for the way I X, Y, Z”)Manifesting = make real. It is the art of transmuting a thought into reality. Our ability to imagine is creative. When we hold our attention to our goals through visualization and then add in strong emotional energy from living it AS IF it were happening now, this magnetizes the experience to us. We do all of this before anything has happened – before any signs have shown up – before there is any logical reason to believe you can have the thing you desire. There is POWER in using your words (“Spelling”) and affirming with your voice out loud in present tense as if it were already so. At the end of the future state, close your eyes and drop inside your body. Notice what is happening and let your body shake and sound as it needs. This is a transformational process that can activate and create shifts in your energy field. Let it happen. If emotions bubble up – let them flow as they have healing information within them.

Making your feelings matter honours your inner feminine and honors goals that are genuinely aligned with your inner attunement. They will steer you to a life that your soul longs you to create. 
Developing energetic signature awareness requires us to really get in touch with our emotional body and reclaim our ability to vibrate emotional energy through our body temples shamelessly. To take up space!
When your future state, if you notice yourself feeling disbelief, contraction or resistance – get curious. You may be hitting up against a limiting core belief or fear of your desire manifesting, that you want to listen to. Spend a minute journaling on any possible negatives you may not have thought of from getting what you want. It may be that you need to state your desire more specifically taking into account this new information. For example, I have a wonderful new job I love AND I still have spaciousness to maintain my relationship with X with ease.  


Take the empowered next action step. Shamanic manifestation is a mix of energy work and concrete practical steps in the ‘real world’. When you feel settled, take up your list and identify the top desires that you are really clear on your WHY for. (Take anything off that doesn’t feel deeply true for you).

With each of your top 3 desires for a category, ask yourself what next action step you need to take. What do you need to do to hold yourself accountable to make this happen?

This could look like:

  • Blocking time on your calendar
  • Purchasing a needed resource
  • Sharing your desire with someone
  • Clearing space & time for this focus
  • Setting reminder to do the visualization work regularly of it ALREADY begin true.


May you enjoy claiming your deepest desires and setting in motion a pathway to manifest what is truly aligned with your heart and soul!

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