Finding Freedom from Limiting Beliefs

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Uplevel how you liberate yourself from limiting beliefs and explore the ritual of Burning Contracts. 


‘I demolish my bridges behind me… then there is no choice but to move forward.’
— Fridtjof Nansen


Permission to Upgrade:

You will regularly encounter beliefs running inside you like computer programs that define how you think about yourself and what you are capable of. You have the power to delete and reprogram them.

What are limiting beliefs?

A limiting belief is a state of mind that you think to be true that limits you in some way. This limiting belief could be about you, your interactions with other people, or with the world and how it works. They tend to be generalisations your brain has created from past painful experience(s).


For example, “Mexico is dangerous”, “Bad things always happen to me”, “All the good men are taken”, “I’m not good at math”, “I’m unlucky in love”, “My parents don’t understand me”, or “I could never start my own business”.

Limiting beliefs are just assumptions about your reality that come from your perceptions of life experiences. How often do you hear yourself say “I should”, “I have to” or “I can’t?”


Our beliefs come from our family, our education, trusted authority figures, and the media as well as our own life experiences.



  1.  I am unloveable/ I am not being loved
  2.  I am not good enough to achieve what I want
  3. I will be rejected (leading to relationship avoidance or people pleasing)
  4. I am not worthy of success. (often afraid of our own power or other people's reactions to our success)
  5. I have to work very hard and long hours for money
  6. Other people hold me back
  7. Negative attributes assigned to having money/ being rich 

Tools of Transformation



Identify and explore the truth behind your limiting beliefs. 


Vibrate yourself free of the emotional energy underneath limiting beliefs.


Shamanic rituals like burning contracts can add power to your intention to change.


How do I Identify My Limiting Beliefs?

Journaling your key beliefs on major areas of life is a great place to start (love, money, work, relationships, health) without editing yourself. Allow yourself to free write and see what comes through you. Include any sayings you heard growing up that come to mind – One from my childhood includes, “Life is hard and then you die.” Read through your list and highlight any that may be impacting you negatively now.

Next, examine experiences where your behaviour has moved into negative or toxic expressions and areas of your life where you are having challenges. Often an underlying belief can be discovered framing your reality in a way that is draining you of power. Particularly explore how you may have moved from fear.

For example, if I lose my voice and don’t speak my truth in business calls, I may reveal that I hold the belief that conflict is bad and that I should always try to be harmonious. As I reflect deeper, I can see how this may be impacting my honesty in intimate relationships which may motivate me further to make changes.



Shifting from Captive to Creator 


With each belief you wish to shift, spend 5+ minutes exploring how this is an idea, not necessarily a TRUTH.

Can you find evidence for it being false? Write every piece of evidence that points to it not being true always and undermine its grip of certainty in your psyche. Repeat this exercise mentally whenever you catch this belief running through your mind. Mentally push back against the bullying of the thought-form.


For each belief, write down what it has cost you. What has been the impact of believing this?  What has it held you back from? Build your will power for freedom.


How does believing this make you feel? (Name the emotions and use the emotional tools taught inside the Soul Sanctuary to vibrate them). Breath, sound and movement will support you to safely express the emotional energy connected to this thought-form. 


Say goodbye to the belief! You may wish to write down why you don’t need it anymore. You may wish to honor, thank and release the belief with love. This can be helpful for stubborn beliefs that don’t shift – where we may be unconsciously entering into an inner battle trying to kill them when they had our best interests at their core.  If you have expressed your anger fully you may be able to say goodbye with gratitude now, knowing that it has been part of your journey and on some level this belief was adopted to protect you from something you feared and is making you expand in strength to move beyond it. Now,  it has served its purpose. Imagine giving the energy stored a new assignment dissolving its current form and assigning it to a new belief that is needed now in your expansion.



One method to purify and release ourselves, especially from thought forms, telepathic agreements, beliefs, judgments, and patterns of responses, is a ritual of burning contracts.

You can do this with physical paper and fire or simply use your imagination and envision unrolling a parchment that you project your words, images, symbols, or emotional energy onto. Visualize the paper receiving and absorbing whatever you are wanting to get out of your system. Let your emotional energy support the release. When complete, imagine rolling up the paper tightly, possibly tying it with something or sealing it, throwing it far away from you. When it lands, envision it getting caught up in fire and watch it turn to dust reaffirming that this releases you from these patterns. The video below, taken from Araminta’s RESILIENCE JOURNEY Online Course, covers more information: 



Once you have done mental, emotional and energetic work, affirmations can be very powerful as there is now space to implant a new program. Write down the new belief and how you will feel with this new belief. Plant the seed in the new space and water regularly via repetition & visualization (step 7). Messages we give to ourselves do become our future reality – especially when we allow them to generate feeling vibrations rather than be a dry phrase you repeat without mental and emotional engagements. The most powerful affirmations tend to start with “I AM”.

I generally recommend reaching for an affirmation that doesn’t set your disbelief bells ringing because if you just don’t believe it, it will feel like false crap and parts of you will rebel. If saying, “I am beautiful” makes you roll your eyes try, “I am seeing the beauty in myself more and more each day.” Journaling your new truth regularly is also powerful – seeing is believing for many of us and there is power in spell-ing out our desires thought forms.


Close your eyes, connect to your breath, and feel the emotions connected to your new belief. What does it bring into your life? Ideally you feel your energy expand in some tangible  way. Focus on whatever you experience to enhance them.  Run these energies through your body as deeply as you can. You may visualise the belief in your heart and then see that frequency vibrate through every cell until your whole body pulsates with this new belief getting anchored deeper and deeper in your system.



Enjoy finding creative ways to intentionally work with, declutter, and uplevel your inner operating system. By engaging with your belief systems, realising they are malleable, and crucially, taking responsibility for the thought-form programs running your life you can experience massive leaps in living a life of freedom and empowerment.


I hope this article tickles your curiosity to explore more. In my online courses we explore the power of ritual to support and stabilise the changes we are making in our lives. For many of us, rituals were non-existant in our culture. Finding our own personal connection to empowering ritual processes helps us make huge shifts in our psychological belief systems. 

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