Fear & Freedom

fear freedom Sep 12, 2019

Fear is quite the seductive energy.

It seems even more easy to spread than other tantalising vibrations like self-righteous indignation or poor-me victimhood.

It takes a lot of personal power to not get swept away during mass collective emotional tides. Especially these days, when our new media technology has become so adept at capitalising our attention. 

Sex may sell, but terror is a real wet dream for marketers. It triggers deeper primal survival alert systems,that can be activated and utilised for forwarding all kinds of ‘solutions’.

Yet when we do our own personal work and focus on energy mastery we can clear out more of our own suppressed trauma, integrating our emotional body. From there mass hysteria isn’t seductive – the energy waves don’t hook us. You can listen to the facts and respond accordingly, independent to the reactions of those around. And you are able to sit with the unknowns without your brain capsizing you with worst-case scenarios. 

THIS is a freedom more precious than any bank balance or externalised form of security.
For those of you who prioritise such freedom, I invite you to join me at an ISTA retreat where we prioritise reclamation of our power, and discover the safety that comes from within that leads to true sovereignty. 

For more information about ISTA - visit: www.ista.life


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