Facing the Collective Rage

anger emotions Feb 24, 2022
So much anger pouring out of the collective right now. 
When emotions of any kind are repressed - anger results.
Shadow work ongoing opportunity for everyone, no matter how “light and love” they thought they might be, to feel their rage rage rage.
How many situations in your life are triggering you right now?


Do you know what to do with the energy of anger?

Most of us are afraid of it – in others and in ourselves.
The explosive, reactive, defensive,  impulsive part of each of us that when hurt will fight to the death. 
Know that part of you?
It’s a journey to look beyond the simplified demonisation of anger as bad and see what its role in our human technology actually is. Rage has so much life force shaking inside it, that we usually don't know how to be present with it. We throw it away, dissipate it with outbursts, unaware how to cultivate it.
What if anger and rage are parts of your power? What if they are sacred parts of you awaiting your awareness and maturity, that you can meet, hold, listen to, vibrate safely and align with your heart.
There is an individual call to courage to grapple with the intensity of these powerful emotions - and gain the massive gifts they bring that shift us out of victim and bully archetypes.  
Collectively this could be a shift away from using power to CONTROL out of fear – to using power to create our of compassion.

Underneath anger lies grief

In my experience, underneath anger lies grief.
I’m waiting for the tidal waves of grief to break across humanity as we drop to our knees and mourn – realising how we have rejected our own power so many many times and given it to those who abuse us. When we stop playing child and realise how powerful we are.
IMO, A broken system with 2 joke presidential candidates is a great opportunity to end our hope and belief that any “big daddy power figure ” is going to fix anything or is responsible to fix anything.
More Explorations of POWER and life force mastery continue in the Soul Sanctuary – my monthly private membership circle. Open to ISTA, Women who See in The Dark and Resilience graduates.only. DM me for info.

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