Give Fear A Chance

emotions energy fear May 08, 2020

Humanity has been surfing and mostly drowning in collective fear waves for weeks now. 

Like many emotional frequencies, fear is a challenging energy to be present to in ways that are healthy and empowering. Like all uncomfortable feelings, it is highly tempting to turn to our preferred methods of suppression or try to pass this energy off and give it to others to hold.

I’ve been watching myself veer precariously into both these paths of temptation. By staying busy with work?and my favourite streams of entertainment, I’ve postponed processing my fear for days and days. When avoidance gets old, there are plenty of options to troll online and engage in the fear and rage-gasms of doomsday proportions and pass the emotional intensity on to others.

Why is the internet such an intense punch-up-fest right now?  My read is it’s about power. Against a backdrop of immense uncertainty, any momentary hit of delight in impacting someone else, gives a micro-dose sense of power. That’s particularly addictive now when collectively we don’t have the maturity to face our fear of powerlessness around the future. Strangely, not knowing is a much harder place to be than “knowing” it’s all going to be terrible and the world is fucked.

I believe our human technology is astounding and all our emotions have significant reasons for being – vital for our health and vitality. We just didn’t come with a user’s manual and are still learning how to read all the signals on the dashboard of ourselves.

What if our fear is here to help us? If we could only bring ourselves to actually feel it, could this be a crucial emotion that brings us awareness and intuition? Could it help answer the question of what is the right action now?

Fear hasn’t had a great marketing department and we judge the heck out of it as toxic. Fear isn’t considered grown-up, cool, sexy, empowered, or evolved?. In new-age circles, fear is often touted as the opposite of love. So, if I’m vibrating in fear then I’m losing the love and light game and adding to my misery by attracting in all kinds of bad s#&t to myself. Cue more fear – and more avoidance. 

While anger is starting to be reclaimed as potentially having some useful wisdom to feel and listen to; fear hasn’t yet had the PR makeover. We generally haven’t been shown how or encouraged to dive deep into our fear.
Let me see if I can help us give fear a chance.
As I finally stop ? and sit down with my fear, I realize it has mostly been screaming at me to get present and stop avoiding looking directly at the situation. This “slow down” message just went planetary. What do we need to tend to now, individually and collectively? Are we still pretending the small stuff is what we want to spend our life force paying attention to or worrying about? 
Though we continue to kick & scream at being cut from our normal pace, many of us have equally acknowledged there have been gifts of in the forced stillness – a healthy freeze response from the hectic pace of life.
If I listen to my fear, some prudent suggestions of what steps to make have revealed. Fear has asked me to take some time to collect myself, pull in my energy, gather my resources together, take stock. Fear reveals this is a totally new situation up ahead and is asking me to prepare.
Humanity is afraid right now. Curious if we can learn to lean into this energy and listen to it? It may bring us gifts of focus and deeper access to the innate survival skills we carry.

How are you going with fear?

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