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Wealth Alchemy Course

This course is designed to shift your limiting beliefs, emotional sabotaging patterns and scarcity survival programming so you can relate to money free from fear, connected to your power, aligned with gratitude and abundance. 

What you'll get:

  • Lifetime Access
  • 18 content videos (over 7 hours of content)
  • Journaling and Self-inquiry Guides
  • Transformational Emotional Clearing Tools
  • Past coaching Q&A Videos & Audio
  • Meditations and Rituals
  • Bonus Content - Blockchain Technology Video Interview
  • 14-day Money Back Guarantee

Using shamanic techniques, this course goes to the root energetics underlying your patterns around wealth and finances.

Starting with an exploration of your biggest dreams and your current reality, this course will help you remember what you came here to do and give you tools to find the courage to take aligned action. 

Step by step you will unpack your cultural and family belief systems and money imprints. You will journey through creative clearing processes to anchor in new relationships to circulating and saving money and wealth.

The final components address tools for entrepreneurs to stand in their worth, feel confident setting and raising their prices, become a good custodian of wealth, clear shame around debt, and understand shamanic manifestation.

Step out of guilt, shame and fear around wealth and align your money dynamics with your soul so you can share your unique gifts with your community in integrity, able to receive support, abundance and wealth in all areas of your life. 

Your guide is Araminta Barbour, an international transformational facilitator and guide who is Lead Faculty with ISTA. For more information visit: www.aramintabarbour.com

What People Are Saying:

I realised how I was avoiding and avoiding. Avoiding looking at the numbers...and facing it! But I finally did it. The magical journaling too and my BIG WHY! It is mind-blowing to write it down and actually think of it as a possibility and soon! And what is rippling out into my life and around me while doing this Wealth Alchemy course - all the things I am looking at around myself around receiving and beliefs are being challenged. I see the thread of self worth come up again and again. All of this is exciting me!


I noticed after my emotional release and aspecting, my resistance in dealing with money is replaced by a willingness and commitment to take care of my money from now on. I feel really great and excited to repair and restore this relationship. Thank you - this is something I didnt expect could happen so quickly!!


WOAH! So much amazingness here. And also such evidence of the power of accountability. Can't wait to dive deeper into all of the lessons.


I am getting in alignment with who I really am and it's so beautiful and powerful, and painful to see all the dysfunctional ways I used to hold myself 'in line'. This course is extremely helpful. I feel like the work is doing itself with me as I surrender to my own process.


I'm feeling some big letting go of hierarchical patterns in relationships really laying down in my heart. For the first time ever, Im feeling like I'm the centre of the prism - and it feels relaxed and steady.


I was able to process deep pain associated with money. I am able to get to some sort of action plan and feeling less paralysis about managing money. Thank you 🙏 I'm so thankful that I joined and can't wait to see what else I will find out and how far I will go.